Monday, November 8, 2010

What is Superior Inferiority?

Have you ever been in a environment where the laws of logic, and what society deems as humourous, ironic, and embarrassing do not apply?

This environment that I am asking you to think about could have been your first or current part time job, (regretfully) your full-time job, or current workplace, or schooling.

This place could be any environment in which you forced to live in a world in which what you would normally consider (as I stated earlier) humourous, ironic and embarrassing does not apply. In this backwards land what is funny, what is interesting, and what are valuable human traits are defined by the people that surround you.

There are people in the world who live trapped in what I call “Superior-Interiority”. They are overqualified entry-level-funny people working/living/studying in places or groups of people that just don’t understand life.

It could be a part time job as a cashier in a particularly bad supermarket where you get blanked by your fellow employees for trying to point out the humour in any situation, and in turn are forced to fake laugh at their repetitive catch-phrases, or when someone hurts themselves. In this case, its not that you have an infallible sense of humour that makes you superior. You are superior because in the greater scheme of things you are funnier. The sad fact though is that in the eyes of your redneck-hook-nosed-knocked-up-high- school-dropout managers eyes…you are less funny than her. To her you are inferior and humourless, but you are superior outside this backwards land.

This blog is about backwards land, and how it applies in many aspects of many peoples lives.

Fashion school is a zinger though. Imagine a class stuffed with the spoiled, the anime fixated, the militant vegan hipsters, the becky-home-eccy pearl wearing drops’o’sunshine. Many one of them think that they are the most talented person in that room. Many of them believe in the education they are receiving with unfaltering faith. Many of them believe they are better than the people that surround them.

Fashion school is the land of inferiority. It doesn’t matter how grounded, and real and genuine a person can try to be, you end up being inferior in the eyes of many of the people that surround you. You are absolutely superior, but indefinitely inferior.

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